Ankündigung Lehrauftrag an der Karlshochschule

Good News: Sabria David is joining Karlshochschule as Adjunct Professor

Good News: From now on I will be teaching Digital Transformation and Ethics at the Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe. I am really looking forward to this. Karlshochschule is a university that focusses – as myself in my own work – on societal transformation and critical futuring.

Karlshochschule International University is a state approved non-profit private foundation university based in Karlsruhe. It focuses on critical management studies, cultural studies and social and political sciences from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective.

Since I have been there for the first time the Karls showed itself as an inspiring place with inspiring people, teachers and students from all over the world. It is a place to grow and explore, to reflect and to raise voice, to share and create.

I am very honored to be part of this now and look forward to contribute with my own work, to shape and share the vision of a good and resilient digital society.
Let’s connect, inspire and encourage people. Let’s rock it!